Max Frye Makes His Solo Debut With “The Rainmaker Sessions” EP

Max Frye’s debut EP “The Rainmaker Sessions” brings a fresh twist to the new era of rock ‘n’ roll.


The track listing kicks off with the first ever single released by Frye, “Vertigo”, a song that immediately grabs listeners’ full attention. A 30-second riff introduces the world of Max Frye, a musician who has been in the scene for what seems like a lifetime.

What’s really special about the song is how much hope it brings for this next generation, “it’s a trial by fire and you can’t prepare”, he sings. There are insightful elements laced within the lyrics, giving the notion that this artist is wise beyond his years. 

There are promising moments throughout the whole EP, the next song being a cover by the great T. Rex, “20th Century Boy”. It’s a bold move for a new artist, but one that is pulled off gracefully. A harder, grittier rock feeling is given in this version, no doubt making whoever is listening want to dance around their room like no one’s watching. Bolan has passed the torch along generations and Frye is one of the lucky ones who has actually been able to light it.

Next comes “Sage”, my personal favorite so far. It’s a magical tune that ignites a different side of the singer-songwriter, one that I know many will be eager to hear more from. The first almost acoustic track on the EP that soon launches into an electricity that feels familiar and brand new at the same time. “Scarlet eyes they feel so right, sage to bless those wild nights”.

Another intriguing guitar riff and mellow beat later, “Everything Lies” soon follows. A sultry message paired with the now unmistakable voice behind it all, this track suggests a full piece of artwork rather than the average EP. I can picture this song being played live, leading into the closing of a true rock set. 

Last but not least, “Beauty In Pain”. The title says it all. Following the upbeat track before it, the closing of the listing sums up perfectly what Max Frye has come here to say. “There is beauty in pain/ along the way/ to keep things fair/ let’s just take a breath/ so we can maintain all that we can and forget all the rest.”

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